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Congratuations MoNkayMaN

That’s right! Believe it or not, but I won my own Miss Teen USA predictions competition, but only by a hair. The results ended with a four-way between MoNkayMaN, Future Contender, Merann (a newcomer to the Pageant Prediction Awards!), and NeSoDak.
MoNkayMaN – LA, NJ, MD, CO, OR, AL, MS, HI, KS, TX, DC, NC, MN, SC, TN
Future Contender – NC, KS, KY, CO, OH, OK, SC, HI, VA, TX, MN, IA, NJ, FL, TN
Merann – AL, FL, KS, OH, NM, CO, NJ, MN, WY, VA, AZ, TN, NC, WA, CA
NeSoDak – LA, MN, SD, NJ, MD, VA, OR, AL, CO, MS, HI, KS, TX, RI, NC
All four lists totaled 30 points, so we initiated the tie-breaking criteria (as outlined on (NOTE: The tie-breaking criteria has changed for the 2008 pageant year. Please consult the Rules/Scoring link in the navigation bar for information.) The first tie breaker is that whoever has Miss Teen USA highest on his/her list wins. But that still left us with a tie between MoNkayMaN and Future Contender, as both had CO as 3rd RU. The next tie breaker is that whoever has the 1st RU highest on his/her list wins, which meant that MoNkayMaN won the Pageant Predictor Award for the 2007 Miss Teen USA pageant!
Of the 80 participants who registered for the 2007 Pageant Prediction Awards, 50 submitted their predictions for the 2007 Miss Teen USA pageant, including representatives from eight foreign countries.
For a detailed list of all entrants' scores and rankings, please click the 2007 Predictor of the Year link in the navigation bar and consult the Miss Teen USA columns.
The 15 most popular contestants were Virginia (22 lists), Mississippi (26 lists), Florida (27 lists), Alabama (29 lists), Tennessee (29 lists), Washington (29 lists), Oregon (31 lists), Colorado (33 lists), Maryland (33 lists), Kansas (34 lists), Louisiana (38 lists), South Carolina (38 lists), North Carolina (45 lists), Texas (46 lists), and New Jersey (49 lists). Eight of the top 15 most popular contestants made the semis. Of the 15 semi-finalists, the biggest surprises were New Mexico (only on 2 lists), Rhode Island (only on 3 lists), West Virginia (only on 8 lists), and Wyoming (only on 2 lists). One final interesting tidbit is that USB’s Mock Miss Teen USA results would have only scored 17 points, underscoring the wild-card nature of the Miss Teen USA pageant!