Pageant Predictions

Think you know who'll take the crown? Get your crystal ball and prove it!

Congratulations FREUD

With a decisive three-point lead over the next closest entrant, FREUD (Ontario, Canada) wins the 2007 Miss Universe Pageant Prediction Award!!! For a complete list of scores and rankings, please click the 2007 Predictor of the Year link in the navigation bar and consult the Miss Universe columns. 
There were nearly 70 participants in the 2007 Miss Universe Pageant Prediction Awards competition, including representatives from more than 10 different countries.
Some interesting tidbits... The 11 most popular contestants were USA (52 lists), Venezuela (49 lists), Korea (47 lists), Mexico (45 lists), Greece (39 lists), Brazil (36 lists), Angola (33 lists), Japan (32 lists), Tanzania (32 lists), Spain (30 lists), and South Africa (30 lists). Ukraine and Czech Republic were the biggest surprises. Only three participants listed Czech Republic among their predictions, and only two had Ukraine.
Freud’s winning list included: Greece, Korea, Thailand, Denmark, USA, Japan, Venezuela, Brazil, Finland, South Africa, India, Mexico, Nicaragua, Angola, and Tanzania. Freud correctly predicted 12 of the top 15 delegates, and ALL TEN of the actual top 10 delegates, a hugely impressive accomplishment!!! In fact, Freud was only three points away from a PERFECT SCORE!!!

Finally, I compiled and scored a handful of pageant sites’ predictions and/or “mock” pageant results to see which site was the most accurate. Critical Beauty won with 33 points. United States of Beauty (USB/The Bubble Board) was second with 32 points. Beautydome was third with 30 points. The South Africa Forum was fourth with 27 points. Global Beauties was fifth with 26 points. Tom’s Page of Miss Universe Mania was sixth with 22 points. was seventh with 17 points.
Once again, thank you to everyone for participating!