Pageant Predictions

Think you know who'll take the crown? Get your crystal ball and prove it!

Congratulations Ky Fan

With a decisive two-point lead over the next closest entrant, Ky Fan wins the Miss USA Pageant Prediction Award!!! To see how everyone scored, please click the 2007 Predictor of the Year link in the navigation bar at the right and consult the Miss USA columns (which indicate each participant's score and rank).

Some interesting tidbits... 50 of the entrants had TN on their lists, while only 16 had MO, only 15 had WI, only 11 had MI, only 9 had LA, and only 6 had KS! 49 of you have TX on your lists, and 48 had SC. California was on 42 lists, Hawaii was on 40 lists, Nevada was on 26 lists, North Carolina was on 25 lists, Rhode Island was on 30 lists, Utah was on 36 lists, and Virginia was on 47 lists.

The most popular delegate to NOT make the semis was Mississippi, who was on 36 lists, followed by AZ on 34 lists, GA on 33 lists, and Indiana and Kentucky on 29 lists.

Ky Fan's winning list included: WI TN UT HI MS RI NV SC PA KY TX CA AZ GA KS