Pageant Predictions

Think you know who'll take the crown? Get your crystal ball and prove it!


More than 300 people registered for the 2012 Pageant Prediction Awards, representing all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and more than 25 countries including Greece, Brazil, Sweden, South Africa, Chile, the Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Hungary, Germany, Canada, Trinidad & Tobago, the United Kingdom, Japan, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, Lithuania, New Zealand, Portugal, Belgium, India, Indonesia, Australia, Colombia, the Philippines, the Netherlands, and the United States. And here, at long last, are the results…

The top 16 predictors are: Ciao500, Duration & Convexity, gaj, HasBeenQueenie, HuskerFan, Jake, Lonestar, mjoon, MoNkayMaN, mopageantgirl, MSgal, Onixana, P A/sunny_air, S.xoxo, and TNBoy.

Three members of our top 16 are past Predictor of the Year winners, including 2010 Predictor of the Year S.xoxo, 2009 Predictor of the Year P A (aka sunny_air), and 2008 Predictor of the Year HuskerFan.

Lonestar and HuskerFan finished in the top four, both earning 94 points. But our tie-breaking procedure for the Predictor of the Year competition says the participant with the highest rank for Miss Universe wins the tie. So the third runner-up in the 2012 Predictor of the Year competition is HuskerFan (Iowa, USA), and the second runner-up is Lonestar (Texas, USA).

And then there were two…

The first runner-up, with a total of 94.5 points, is HasBeenQueenie (Illinois, USA).

That means winning our sixth annual competition and the title of 2012 Predictor of the Year — with a massive four-point lead — is MSgal (Mississippi, USA)!!! MSgal was the only participant who managed to finish in the top ten for each of the three MUO pageants in 2012. She finished in third place for Miss USA, seventh place for Miss Teen USA, and eighth place for Miss Universe. Along with the title of 2012 Predictor of the Year, MSgal wins a beautiful trophy (click the “WIN THIS TROPHY!” link in the navigation bar for a peek at past trophies), and bragging rights for the rest of eternity!

Our most successful international entrants this year were gaj (Canada) who finished in ninth place, Duration & Convexity (South Africa) who finished in 11th place, Tom (Canada) who finished in 17th place, Freud (Canada) who finished in 18th place, Elin (Sweden) who finished in 19th place, and Theo (South Africa) who finished in 20th place. Elin was leading in the Predictor of the Year standings, following her win in the Miss Teen USA predictions competition. But an unfortunate showing at Miss Universe (93rd place) cost her the title.

The official Susan Luccis of the Pageant Prediction Awards are TNBoy and Duration & Convexity. This year marks TNBoy’s sixth consecutive placement in the top 25. And Duration & Convexity has ranked among the top 15 for five consecutive years. Will one of them finally pull a Crystle Stewart and take the title? Will MSgal become the first Predictor of the Year to claim back-to-back victories? Or will a newcomer win it all? I guess we’ll all have to wait and see.

The FINAL RESULTS are posted below and indicate how all of you scored at each of the three MUO pageants, along with your final cumulative score and rank.

Once again, thanks to ALL OF YOU for entering! I hope you’ve enjoyed this year’s competition as much as I have. Who will come out on top next year and take the title of 2013 Predictor of the Year? It could be you!

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