Pageant Predictions

Think you know who'll take the crown? Get your crystal ball and prove it!


On July 29, 2017, Missouri claimed its second Miss Teen USA title. When the pageant was over, eight predictors had achieved a score of more than 27 points, including: Duration & Convexity, Four20, GMAN, Inoshishi, MSgal, RickyD, TheWorstPredictorEver, and TNBoy.

Four of them finished with 27.5 points, essentially tying for fifth place. Meanwhile, Duration & Convexity finished fourth with 28 points, and GMAN finished third with 28.5. That left two predictors, both of whom are past Predictor of the Year winners, tied with a total of 29 points. Broken using our official tie-breaking procedure, MSgal finished in second place, and Inoshishi finished first, having submitted his predictions five hours earlier than MSgal.

Inoshishi was the 58th participant to submit his predictions. Following a mediocre showing for Miss USA (where he ranked 54th), Inoshishi took a huge leap forward and currently sits at 13th place in the Predictor of the Year standings, hoping to take the title for the second time in two years. Meanwhile, MSgal is poised for a potential back-to-back victory, making her the first predictor to do so, and earning her third Predictor of the Year trophy!

The chart at the bottom of this page lists each entrant’s score and rank in the Miss Teen USA predictions competition. Keep in mind that since Miss Teen USA is the second of MUO’s three pageants for 2017, the scores earned represent the second third of your cumulative score which will ultimately determine the 2017 Predictor of the Year! Currently, our top three in the running for Predictor of the Year are Freud, GMAN, and MSgal! (To see the current standings visit:

If you didn’t hit the top of the leader board this time around, have no fear. Last year, DCPageantDude finished 94th during Miss Teen USA, but still managed to land at 8th place overall. Will GMAN hold on to his lead? Will S.xoxo (who is currently in 11th and won the Predictor of the Year award in 2010) reclaim the title? Or will someone else come out on top? We’ll just have to wait and find out!

The winning predictions list, submitted by Inoshishi included: Arizona, Arkansas, California, Hawaii, Indiana, Louisiana, Maryland, Missouri, Nevada, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas, Vermont, and Wyoming. That means he correctly predicted 10 of the top 15, and four of the top five finalists.

More than 100 participants submitted their predictions for Miss Teen USA. The registered participants represent all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and more than 25 countries, including Greece, Brazil, South Africa, Canada, Trinidad & Tobago, United Kingdom, Japan, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, Lithuania, New Zealand, Portugal, Belgium, Indonesia, Australia, and more.

Here is a run-down of how many participants had each of the semi-finalists on their prediction lists: Arizona (64), California (91), Indiana (19), Iowa (42), Maryland (33), Missouri (62), Nevada (64), New York (33), Oklahoma (38), Oregon (17), Texas (93), Utah (14), Vermont (49), West Virginia (33), and Wyoming (36).

I’m happy to report that every single delegate had at least two people predict they’d make the cut. That’s a testament to both the quality of the contestants and the wildly unpredictable nature of Miss Teen USA. The 10 most popular delegates who did NOT make the semis were: South Carolina (83), Pennsylvania (78), Alabama (71), Hawaii (64), Georgia (61), North Carolina (61), Lousiana (50), Tennessee (50), Arkansas (47), and Mississippi (40).

Only three participants correctly predicted that Missouri would take the crown: Athalia, IHP, and Scotty. Among the participants, 24 different delegates were predicted by at least one person to win the pageant. The most popular were California (20), Texas (19), South Carolina (12), Pennsylvania (11), and Hawaii (7).

The three biggest surprises of the night were Missouri winning the title (since only three predictors saw it coming), South Carolina being excluded from the semis (83 people thought she’d get the call, and 12 of them predicted she’d go all the way), and California not being crowned crown (a whopping 20 participants expected her to be named Miss Teen USA 2017).

It’s worth noting that if USB’s Mock Miss Teen USA results had been scored, the board would have tied for 36th place with 21.5 points.

Thanks again to all of you for participating! As always, I had an absolute blast orchestrating the competition, and I hope you all enjoyed it as well. Don’t forget, you have one more chance to earn points toward the 2017 Predictor of the Year title. Have fun, and GOOD LUCK!

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