Pageant Predictions

Think you know who'll take the crown? Get your crystal ball and prove it!


As a record 92 contestants competed for the coveted title of Miss Universe 2017, more than 100 predictors watched and waited to see if their predictions would come true. When the pageant was over and the points were tallied, 10 had earned 32 or more points: Bathazar, Cronut, DUDA, gaj, Leonard, LindaS, NovR, OverOlivia, Samuel, and SHANE T. But two of them rose to the top, both with 34 points: LindaS and SHANE T. So we turned to our first tie-breaking procedure, and since LindaS correctly predicted that South Africa would take the title, she won the tie and the 2017 Miss Universe predictions competition.

USA was the most-predicted semi-finalist, appearing on 103 lists. South Africa appeared on 95 lists, followed by Thailand who appeared on 83 lists. Venezuela and Philippines were both on 80 lists, Colombia was on 72 lists, and Spain was on 59 lists. Canada was on 51 lists, Brazil was on 46 lists, Jamaica was on 36 lists, Sri Lanka was on 31 lists, Great Britain was on 29 lists, and China was on 13 lists. Only nine people predicted Ireland would make the cut, eight anticipated Ghana being called into the top 16, and seven predicted Croatia would get the call.

The most-predicted delegate to NOT make the semis was Peru, who was on 87 lists. Other popular delegates to not make the semis included: Russia (77 lists), Mexico (74 lists), Indonesia (68 lists), France (63 lists), Iceland (60 lists), India (58 lists), Angola (49 lists), Australia (35 lists), and Germany (27 lists).

An astonishing 34 participants correctly predicted South Africa as the winner. Other contestants widely anticipated to win included: Thailand (25), Iceland (8), Russia (7), USA (5), Haiti (5), and Germany (4).

LindaS' winning list included: Brazil, Colombia, France, Great Britain, India, Indonesia, Jamaica, Nepal, Peru, Philippines, Russia, South Africa, Spain, Thailand, USA, and Venezuela. That means she correctly predicted 10 of the top 16, including nine of the top 10 and all five of the final five!

As the final MUO pageant of the year, these scores are added to the ones from Miss USA and Miss Teen USA, completing the 2017 Predictor of the Year competition. To see who came out on top and claimed this year's coveted title (not to mention a pretty impressive trophy and some serious bragging rights), hover over Past Results in the navigation bar, then 2017, and finally Final Standings.

Once again, thanks to all of you for participating! As always, I had an absolute blast orchestrating the competition, and I hope you all enjoyed it as well! I can't wait to start all over again in 2018!

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