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Think you know who'll take the crown? Get your crystal ball and prove it!


On May 14, 2017, Kára McCullough made history as the District of Columbia’s fourth Miss USA (and marking the first back-to-back victory since 1989). She was the fourth most-predicted contestant to take the crown (behind Nevada, Tennessee, and Utah). After the pageant ended, we tallied the scores to see who came out on top of our Miss USA predictions competition and currently leads our 2017 Predictor of the Year race.

Because of MUO’s decision to call just 10 delegates into the semis, predictors were asked to submit their lists with only 10 contestants, resulting in a several ties throughout the leaderboard. In fact, we had a five-way tie for second place and a 14-way tie for 37th place. To break those ties, we first looked to see if any participants correctly predicted that DC would win the crown. Next, we looked to see who had submitted their lists the earliest.

The top 10 scorers in our 2017 Miss USA predictions competition, each earning at least 25 points, are: Alcon, Arianafan, Athalia, DCPageantDude, Duration & Convexity, Freud, GMan, Gonzo, MSgal, and NC GAL.

The aforementioned five-way tie for second place was won by NC GAL, who was the only member of the top 10 to correctly predict a DC victory. But the winner of our 2017 Miss USA predictions competition is Freud, who now enjoys a comfortable four-point lead in his quest to become the 2017 Predictor of the Year. It’s worth noting that this is not Freud’s first Pageant Predictions win. He also took top honors 10 years ago in the 2007 Miss Universe predictions competition, and he finished in the top 20 of last year’s Predictor of the Year standings.

Freud correctly predicted eight of the top 10 semifinalists, as well as four of the top five finalists. He was also just the 28th participant to submit his predictions, entering them into our online database the evening of May 11, right after the preliminary competition concluded. His winning list included: Alaska, California, District of Columbia, Minnesota, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Utah.

The chart at the bottom of this page lists each entrant’s score and rank. Keep in mind that since Miss USA is the first of MUO’s three pageants for 2017, the scores earned are one-third of your cumulative score, which will ultimately determine the Predictor of the Year! But if you didn’t hit the top of the leader board this time around, have no fear. Last year, Harley finished 54th during Miss USA, but still managed to land at 3rd place in the Predictor of the Year final standings!

More than 100 participants submitted their predictions for Miss USA. The registered participants represent all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and more than 25 countries, including Greece, Brazil, Sweden, South Africa, Chile, the Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Hungary, Germany, Canada, Trinidad & Tobago, the United Kingdom, Japan, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, Lithuania, New Zealand, Portugal, Belgium, India, Indonesia, Australia, Colombia, the Philippines, the Netherlands, and the United States.

Here is a run-down of how many participants had each of the top 10 contestants on their predictions lists: Alaska (34), California (58), District of Columbia (76), Illinois (26), Minnesota (40), Missouri (9), New Jersey (46), New York (61), South Carolina (63), and Tennessee (98).

While more than 75 predictors had District of Columbia and Tennessee on their lists, only nine correctly predicted Missouri would make the semis. The most popular delegates to NOT make the top 20 were: Nevada (96), Utah (93), Texas (66), North Carolina (60), Pennsylvania (47), Massachusetts (44), Georgia (34), Louisiana (32), Hawaii (23), Colorado (21), Maryland (21), and Arkansas (20).

As previously mentioned, just nine people correctly predicted District of Columbia would take the crown: Aloha Joe, Copy Cat, ETB_CA, GoldenBoy, Harley, Lady Ree, NC GAL, Scotty, and Sia.

All told, 22 different delegates had at least one participant predicting they would win the title, which just goes to show that beauty is subjective! Among the most popular were Tennessee (32), Utah (16), Nevada (13), District of Columbia (9), New York (7), Texas (7), Pennsylvania (6), California (5), North Carolina (5), and New Jersey (4). Furthermore, every single delegate was predicted by at least one participant to make the top 10, which is a testament to the quality and competitiveness of the 2017 class.

As is customary, I took the liberty of scoring the United States of Beauty’s Mock Miss USA list, which would have earned a total of 11 points and tied for 90th place.

Thanks again to all of you for participating! As always, I had an absolute blast orchestrating the competition, and I hope you all enjoyed it as well. Don’t forget that you have two more chances to earn points toward the 2017 Predictor of the Year title. Have fun, good luck, sign the guestbook, and follow Pageant Predictions on Facebook and Twitter (@PageantPredict)!