Pageant Predictions

Think you know who'll take the crown? Get your crystal ball and prove it!


The highest scorer for each one of MUO's "big three" pageants (Miss Teen USA, Miss USA, and Miss Universe) will be named that pageant's winner. His or her name will be posted on our Past Results page as part of our Pageant Predictions Hall of Fame. All participants will be eligible for the Predictor of the Year award, which will go to the individual with the highest cumulative score for that year's pageants. In the event of a two-way tie for first place, the participant with a higher ranking for at least two out of that year's three pageants will be named the winner (if the tie involves three or more individuals, the predictor with the highest ranking for that year's Miss Universe pageant will be named the winner). All other ties will be broken based on rankings for that year's Miss Universe pageant. The Predictor of the Year's name will be added to our Hall of Fame, and he/she will also receive the Predictor of the Year trophy (for a peek at past trophies, click the WIN THIS TROPHY! link in the navigation bar). If the winner is from outside of the United States and is unable to attend one of MUO's pageants the following year to receive his/her award, he/she may be asked to pay shipping and handling to send the award over seas. 

Pageant Predictions reserves the right to change the scoring and tie-breaking procedures.


You must be registered to compete, and must submit your predictions under the same nickname for each pageant in order to accummulate points toward the Predictor of the Year competition. All registered entrants will receive an e-mail approximately one to two weeks before each of the "big three" pageants with instructions on how and when to submit their predictions. Entries will be due approximately 24 to 48 hours before each pageant's live telecast (exact deadlines will be e-mailed to participants). Once your predictions have been submitted, they cannot be changed.

Scoring & Tie-Breaking Procedures

Participants will submit their predictions for the top 10 by checking the appropriate boxes on the page e-mailed to them before the pageant. Unlike 2007, when participants had to submit their picks in descending order with their predicted winner on top, this year's participants will only need to note their top 10 delegates and their prediction for the contestant they think will take the title. All entries will be scored using the following procedure. (Pageant Predictions reserves the right to change the scoring procedure in the event that the Miss Universe Organization does not follow the top 15/10/5 format. For example, if MUO cuts directly from a top 16 to a top five, each of the 11 semifinalists that do not make the top five will be worth 1.5 points each. All decisions are final.) 

-Winner: 10 points
-First Runner-up: 5 points
-Second Runner-up: 4 points
-Third/Fourth/Fifth Runner-up: 3 points
-Top Ten: 2 points
-Top Fifteen, Sixteen, or Twenty: 1 point

In the event of a tie, the entrant who correctly predicted the winner will win the tie. If a tie still exists, the entrant that submitted his/her list first wins.